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Word Builder

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Word Builder
  • Word Builder
  • Word Builder
  • Word Builder
Word Builder challenges children to build new words by twisting the rings in order to create different letter combinations. With the help of their caregivers, children learn how to use consonants and vowels to build words between two and six letters long. The rings are easily removed and rearranged, creating thousands of possibilities!

To being, select a letter on the first ring, and line it up on the arrow. Let's say you started with "F." Now encourage your children to find letters on the second ring that typically create words that start with F, often vowels (of which you'll find two on each ring). So, line up a vowel like "O."

Now you have "FO." Is there an "R" on the next ring? A '"G"? If there is an "A", might there be an "M" on the fourth ring to create 'FOAM"?

Or, go pack to the first ring, and change "R" to another letter such as "P." You'll start to see how many words are actually possible! Word Builder has become a popular toy with elementary school teachers and other educators, helping kids work on their phonics.

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