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Story Starter

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Story Starter
  • Story Starter
  • Story Starter
  • Story Starter
The Story Starter is designed for shared use with young children and their caregivers. A child twists the rings in order to create one of several thousand combinations of story introductions. The caregiver can continue to tell a story from the introduction, or encourage the child to use his or her imagination and continue the story himself or herself.

Like all Twisterz Toys, the Story Starter is free of batteries and electronics.

The man of mystery...pulled the switch...and began counting. As...

These are just two of the thousands of story introductions that are possible with the Twisterz Story Starter. Simply twist and line up story components located on four rings to get started. Younger children enjoy having a part in twisting the rings and having their caregivers continue the stories ("Suddenly...10 big white birds flew out the door, and the curious child wondered where they were going...") Older children can be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to continue the stories on their own.

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